Friends Of Rural Cumbria’s Environment was set up about 10 years ago by concerned residents in the Bolton Low Houses area in response to a proposal to erect 3 wind turbines at nearby High Pow Farm. The concern was not to do with the principle of renewable energy, which we support in general, but to do with the inappropriate siting of industrial structures within Cumbria’s beautiful rural landscape. After the application being refused by Allerdale Council and following an appeal by the applicant, conducted by the planning inspectorate, that development was allowed to proceed but FORCE learned much about the planning rules and regulations and members were contacted for advice and assistance by other local groups who were also concerned about similar developments in their own areas. The organisation has grown to over 500 members and continues to fight against inappropriate industrial development within Cumbria and neighbouring counties.

FORCE have produced a video showing some of the problems encountered with turbine installations and highlighting some issues which have created problems for local residents. Please have a look at this interesting and informative video, called Spinning Out of Control, which is in three parts, just click the link:

Spinning Out of Control Part 1

Spinning Out of Control Part 2

Spinning Out of Control Part 3

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